Scene Hair Colors

The scene fashion is characterized by prominent colors and eye-catching designs that tend to express the individuality of a person. In terms of hairstyles, the scene fashion is also an avid fan of various striking hair colors.

Scene hair colors usually come in bright and striking shades characteristic of the scene fashion. Brilliant colors that are not natural hair shades dominate the scene hairstyles. Among these popular scene hair colors include pink, orange, purple and green. Some scene individuals may also opt for lavender, blue, fuchsia and various shades of green.

The use of scene hair colors may either be a general application or just a few highlights here and there. However for the overall color application, it is best that you have your hair cut short first before coloring it. This is to avoid your scene hairstyle from being too prominent it may look offensive to some. But again, that is your prerogative as a scene individual. If you feel comfortable with long purple or pink hair and you’re not breaking any rules, then by all means go for it.

though use hair colors as highlights. A few streaks of hair may be applied with one striking shade like violet, orange, or pink. Or you may opt for two-color highlights – be sure though that the shades match perfectly. Other scene individuals even go for a multiple highlighted hair.

Always remember though that your chosen colors and effects should match your looks, features and lifestyle and that you can carry your colored hair with ease and class to avoid looking like a clown.

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